Tips for Foreigners

Helpful Tips for Foreigners

Helpful Tips for Foreigners


Visiting a city with such rich history such as Varanasi, has its perks bur also has certain social expectations that should be followed. As a traveler who is coming from outside of India, there are a few things that you need to be conscious of while travelling here to ensure the most pleasant experience. The more you acclimate and respect the culture in Varanasi the more you will be able to engage in local customs, interact with locals, and thoroughly enjoy your experience.

Dress Code

It is recommended that you dress modestly. That means covering your shoulders, chest and legs. It is highly recommended that female travelers bring scarf, or dupatta, to cover their heads at holy sites.


Public Display of Affection in India it’s looked down upon too Publically Display affection. Please refrain from hugging, Kissing, holding hand or other forms of PDA to prevent disturbtion of the tour or ineligibility to participate parts of the tour.


Due to new regulations in Varanasi it is not legal to smoke in Public places including the ghats, temples, etc. It may be an issue, please contact us at [email protected] and we can provide you more information.


There are certain places throughout Varanasi that photography is not allowed due to respecting local customs or security concerned. Also, It is not permitted to take pictures inside the temples, women bathing and situations that may compromise and individual’s privacy.


In the temples or at holy sites during ceremonies, and rituals, please do not eat packaged food you have brought with you as it is seen as disrespectful. Also, please refrain from eating with your left hand as it is seen Impure.

Taking off Shoes / Socks

Entering inside holy sites or temples you have to take off shoes or socks or stuff that is made out of leather for being respectful towards the religion and customs.


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