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Bodhgaya is one of the important place of Buddhist religion where Lord Buddha got enlightened under the Bodhi tree around 2600 years ago . Bodhgaya Tours Package This small Buddhist temple town attract thousand of the Buddhist pilgrims all around the world praying , studying or for the meditation . Tour to Bodhgaya The most important holy sites for Buddhist in this city is is the bodhi tree which is in Mahabaodhi temple complex with beautiful garden and place for monks to pray under the tree. in addition to this,many foreign Buddhist monasteries and temples are built by foreign Buddhist communities. around the mahabodhi temple complex there are nice little market where pilgrims find their necessary things in this little town that makes city interesting . check our Bodhgaya Tours Package and explore the city !!

Buddhist tour in India starting from Bodhgaya

This is our Buddhist India tour package starting from Bodhgaya and duration of this tour itinerary is eights night and nine days .

Buddhist sector tour package from Kushinagar

Buddhist sector tour package from Kushinagar is our Buddhist tour package staring from Kushinagar

Buddhist circuit tour package with Varanasi

Buddhist circuit tour package is best Buddhist tour itinerary with Varanasi .In this Buddhist tour itinerary we are covering most of the Buddhist main destination

Buddhist destinations tour package with Varanasi

Buddhist destinations tour package with Varanasi is one of our best tour package for Buddhist destinations in India. this tour itinerary brings you the holy path of Buddha in India.

Varanasi Gaya Prayagraj Ayodhya tour package with Naimisharanya

Varanasi Bodhgaya Prayaraj Ayodhya with Naimisharanya is our tour itinerary for traveler seeking these destination in their Itinerary

Varanasi Tour Package from Vijayawada
Varanasi Tour Package from Vijayawada

6 Nights / 7 Days Package

Varanasi to Vijayawada tours package is for traveler traveling from Vijayawada to Varanasi .This is best tours package from Vijayawada to Kashi where you will be covering most of the Important destination around Varanasi .

The Buddha Trail Tour
The Buddha Trail Tour

10 Nights / 11 Days Package

The Buddha Trail Tour is planned to let you explore the spiritual cities of Varanasi , Bodhgaya where one can experience sheer enlightenment and inspiration.Also during the tour explore the beautiful Taj Mahal, the epitome of love, built by the Mugha

Varanasi Tours Package From Chennai
Varanasi Tours Package From Chennai

4 Nights / 5 Days Package

Kashi Yatra Package , Start from Chennai and its specially designed for the tourist Travelling from Chennai. Kashi Yatra Tours Packages is a pilgrimage tour Package.

7 days North India Hindu Pilgrimage tour  with Rajgir and Nalanda

This is seven days north India tours including cities like Prayaraj, Ayodhya ,Varanasi , Gaya , Bodhgaya , Rajgir and Nalanda.This is the combination of Urrar Pradesh and Bihar.

Varanasi Deoghar Gaya with Bodhgaya spiritual tour package

This is our tour package for pilgrims travelling to Varanasi , Gaya and Bodhgaya with Deoghar also known as Baba baidyanath dham one of jyotirlinga situated in the state of Jharkhand .

Baidyanath dham jyotirlinga tour package from Varanasi

This is our two jyotirlinga tour package with Triveni sangam with Gaya and Bodhgaya .this tour Package of Varanasi with Devghar journey start from Kashi and end at Baidyanath dham in Jharkhand.

Kashi Prayag Ayodhya with Gaya Tour Package

Kashi Prayag Ayodhya and Gaya tour package is our best selling tour package of Uttar Pradesh .you are visiting mot of the important spiritual city.

Kashi Prayag Gaya Pind daan Tour Package
Kashi Prayag Gaya Pind daan Tour Package

4 Nights / 5 Days Package

Kashi, Prayag ,and Gaya Pind daan tour package , include most of the important destination for Pind daan in India.this tour start from the city of Lord Shiva Kashi a spritual city with Prayag and Gaya in Bihar .

Varanasi Ayodhya Allahabad  Gaya  Bodhgaya Tour Package

Varanasi Ayodhya Allahabad Gaya and Bodhgaya is a tour package of Bihar and Uttar pradesh most important Hindus site.

Varanasi Allahabad  Chitrakoot Lucknow Naimisharanya  Ayodhya Bodhgya Tours Package

This tours package for those who wants to experience the spritual and destination that cover in this packages are Varanasi-Allahabad, Chitrakoot, Lucknow, Ayodhya, Naimisharanya, and Bodhgya.