Wednesday, 13th, January, 2016. Delhi. Arrival in Delhi and check into the hotel. Day 2 Thursday, 14th, January, 2016. Delhi- Lucknow- Sravasti. Today you will head to Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh.You will leave Delhi to Lucknow by plane. You will drive to Sravasti the city where Buddha has spent more than half of his monastic life. Sravasti is also known to be a symbolic place for Jainism and the capital of ancient Kosala kingdom. Day 3 Friday, 15th, January, 2016. Sravasti. Lumbini(NEPAL). Lama during prostration.In the morning, we visit Jetavana,in Srasvati, where Buddha and his disciples retreated each rainy season for twenty-five years. Later we head north towards Lumbini and India’s border where you will obtain the required visa in order to enter the nation of Nepal. An Indian multi-entry visa is needed. Day 4 Saturday, 16th, January, 2016. Lumbini. We will spent a day in Lumbini, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and sacred ground for Buddhists around the world, Lumbini is a small village in the I Nepal where the Buddha was born. In this holy and beautiful place the spiritual charge is amazing. Lumbini, a powerful place for meditation, is characterized by scenes of prostrating pilgrims and thousands of prayer flags. Hermit Tsephel will introduce you to the Sacred Garden, home to various historical treasures, including the Maya Devi Temple with its carving representing Maya Devi giving birth to Siddhartha, the future Buddha. Tsepel will share more lessons at this site as well as provide time for meditation. Day 5 Sunday, 17th, January, 2016. Lumbini. Kushinagar. lumbini Today you will discover Kushinagar, where Buddha left this world after having made an invaluable contribution to humanity. The place where Buddha gave immeasurable blessings as he recited all of his teachings before entering the Paranirvana, or nirvana upon death,at the end of his earthly existence. You will visit the Maha Parinirwana Temple, where Buddha breathed his last breath, and Rambhar Stupa, the site of Lord Buddha’s cremation. Day 6 Monday, 18th, January, 2016. Kushinagar.Patna. We will drive to Vaishali where Buddha preached his last sermon. The Second Council took place in Vasihali 110 years after the parinirvana of the Buddha. This important Buddhist gathering of monks was discuss the teaching of Buddha and future of Buddhism. Today, we will stay for the night in Patna,the capital of Indian State of Bihar. Day 7 Tuesday, 19th, January, 2016. Patna-Rajgir-Nalanda-Rajgir. Valture-pick Today, you will discover a heart of Buddhism. You will discover Rajgir or “Vulture Peak,” which takes its name from the shape of the rock where the Buddha spent many years of his life. In this sacred place, he gave important sermons such as the Prajnaparamita teaching, better known as the Heart Sutra. The Heart Sutra, an important Buddhist text, is commonly chanted by Buddhists at meetings and practices dedicated to meditation. In addition to the Heart Sutra, you will learn about the five skandhas (which describe the stages and forms of awareness), the Four Noble Truths, the cycle of interdependence and the central concepts of Buddhism. It is said that even if you do not yet have awareness of emptiness, if you recognize that there is suffering in your mind as you recite the Heart Sutra mantra and meditate on its meaning, its truth will arise in you. Your expert guide, Tsepel the hermit, will introduce you to this teaching, recite necessary mantras, and then allow you to meditate on its meaning.We will walk to top sacred hills to follow foot step of thousand of pilgrim before us. Then, you will visit Nalanda, which contains the ruins of the oldest Buddhist university, in which the most famous Indian scholars of their time had their education. Day 8 Wednesday, 20th, January, 2016. Rajgir. Bodhgaya. Maha Bodhi TempleBodhgaya’s historic district contains a Buddhist complex includin

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Commercial vehicle which Includes all Tax, Toll tax, Parking, Driver night charges, State Tax, Nepal tax ( if going to Lumbini)
Pickup and Drop to/from Railway station/Airport
Hotel as per mention in Hotel tab with selected plan (Twin sharing room)
One Boat ride for about 45 min which covers all major Ghats of Varanasi ( At time of morning sun rise)
Complimentary Mineral water (one bottle per day per person).


Any personal expenditure like tip, Pooja etc.
Any other boat ride, Guide charges
Any Entrance Ticket
Any Train/Flight Ticket
Service tax as actual

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