Yoga and meditation Spiritual Holidays in Varanasi

Yoga and Meditation tour to Varanasi could be a perfect way to learn yoga and meditation . There are many yoga guru from their family and still they are carrying on the work on yoga and meditation in Varanasi .

Yoga at Varanasi 

Varanasi is a great centre of learning indian philos

Varanasi is  a great center of learning Indian philosophy, spiritualism, Ayurveda and  Yoga . Yoga is the best  way of balancing and harmonizing the body and we have special Varanasi yoga tour package that is to learn and experience varanasi way of Yoga with yoga guru.In our Varanasi Yoga tour  we cover the destination of Varanasi where you stay in Varanasi and practice the yoga at ghat and on second day you will have buddhist yoga called chakra yoga where you will practice with yogi at deer park in Sarnath .

next day you travel to Bodhgaya where lord Buddha got enlightened under the bodhi tree and so you will have one yoga session in Bodhgaya too .

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