Varanasi silk weaving : Must things to see in a Varanasi

                                                Varanasi weavers  hand weaving 

Silk weaving is one of the main industry in Varanasi and this is city is well known in the world for very fine silk and Banarasi sarees .Hand weaving is the typical and traditional in Varanasi and weavers are usually muslims and they belong to a particular community known as ansari and for the generation they have been doing this job.Banarasi saree is very important for the indian weddings.

Banarasi  saris are  well  designs and zari works that make it popular during the festival and its a traditional wearing for the functions .men usually wear kurta of silk and paijama from Varanasi fine silk. there are around 40,000 weavers in Varanasi ,however this is down fall of the number of weavers than before may be because of high demand of imported sarees and and also because of the powerloom.


Varanasi weavers community 

Most of the Varansi muslims settelmet has the weaving community but Madanpura , Lallpura , Bajardiha, Kajjakpura are well known of the tradtion weaving and also Ramnagar is famous for the hand weavin and zari works .

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