Visiting Varanasi in Shravan holy month

Shravan is holy month for Hindus and very auspicious for Varanasi .It is believe that this month dedicated to lord Shiva when devotees from all over India come to this oldest city to offer a prayers in Shiva temple called Kashiviswanath lord Shiva reside .  these devotees are called Kavariya carring a Ganges water on their shoulder and wearing orange color dress .

This city get a special charm and feeling with mix diverse people bathing in river Ganges and waiting in Que to enter in to the temple . Since Varanasi is city of temples and ghat during one month this city has other activities takes places like swing at Durga temple and religious gathering and sermons take place in this holy city .  Monday is very important day its believe to be the day of lord Shiva so special prayer take place in all shiva temple in Varanasi. Varanasi Tours Package can arrange a special customized  tour for you as per your need and interest.


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