where to eat in Varanasi


One of the most common questions among the traveler visiting new destination ask them self in month advance or upon arrival at place is where are they going to eat ? when a traveling to city like Varanasi which has proud history of fresh loacal cusine, choosing  the right restaurant to eat at is an integral part of the experience .how do find most updated restaurant information.here we are listing the most important place for eating in Varanasi .

Deena Chat Bhandar

Its located in the Luxa area particulary well known for the street food where you could get streed food like different flavour of chat made out of tomatao , aloo, papri, samosa etc and you can also get desert like Gulab jamun , Gajar Haluwa etc .you must try Pani puri here if you like to have special test of water mixed with cumin.


Kashi Chat bhandar

very much similar to the Deena chat bhandar and located very close to Gadauliya Intersection towards the Church intersection .it has various flavour of chat and seasonal food .


Keshari Restaurant

This is pure veg restuarant on the way to Dasaswmedgh ghat on on the first floor.its a bit hard to see from the street but if you walk from Gaudualiya intersection towards Dasaswmedgh ghat road at 200 meter at the left side you could see this restaurant and you could expeince here particulary for the north Inidan food .

Ram bhandar

This is a very old and famous street shop for sweet and kachauri jalebi  in thatheri bajar which might be dificult for you to walk there in the street, however you can eat kachauri jalebi any where in Varanasi .best time to eat Kachauri and Jalebi is in the morning after coming from boat ride in Kachauri gali.

Bati Chokha restaurant

This restaurat is located in Lahurabir near Sampurnand Sanskrit University ,however it has many branches in Varanasi but here it has two part one is upstairs and one is at ground floor .as such there is no diffrence in menu they surve the same kind of food .but here you will have exprince of rural India where an women grind the cheak pea and you get bati which is cooked on bon fire of Upala that you could see.

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