Visit to Prayagraj Magh mela 2020

Prayagraj a city of Kumbh mela where there was Ardh Kumbh mela in 2019 is ready to begin the Magh mela in  2020 and people started making the booking  for their accmomdation at the Prayagarj magh mela .

Description about Magh mela :

Magh mela  is one of the big fair that take place every year in the month of January from the Paush Purnim as per the Hindu calendar where Kalpvasi  start stay in tent on the sand surface of Triveni Sangam for a month and take a holy dip and perform the special prayer in the evening at the bank of river Ganga .

Magh mela is a smaller version of mini kumbh where tents are allotted to the akhara society and other religious group ,however its much more smaller than what we had seen during Kumbh mela in 2019.

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