things to see in Chitrakoot

Chitrakoot is one of the importnat destination for pilgrimage tourist where lord Rama spent 11 years in this area out of his fourteen years of his exile .

Chitrakoot is an importnat pilgrimage cenrte which is in satna district of Madhya Pradesh in India . this city is a place of religious , cultural , historical situated in Bundelkhand region and it share boaredr with Uttar Pradesh

Pilgrims visit this place during the festival of Amavasya , Deepawaliuu ,Sharad purnima , Makar Sankranti and Ramnavami these are the special occaion to visit Chitrakoot

Historical Significance

When Bharat younger brother of Lord Rama was asked to rule over the Ayodhya ater the death of his father then He refused to be king of Ayodhya and came to chitrakoot where he met Lord Rama and took his wooden sandle and place at throne and ruled the Ayodhya .there is famous bharat milap place in Chitrakoot .

Important tourist attraction of Chitrakoot


This is ghat where Lord Rama took bath in Mandakini river during his exile with Luxmana and sita and appeared infornt of Tulsi Das


Its a hilly area in chitrakoot and it is belive to be the place where one can make parikarma to this holy mountain of 5 km

Bharat  Milap

This is the place where four brother met together and Bharat came to met Rama and Got wooden sandle from his eleder brother and put on throne and still fooot print can bee seen inside the temple and it is said that even rock and mountain of chitrakoot melted.

Janaki Kund

This is kund where mother sita bath in the river of Mandakini while she was on her exile .

Sati Anasuiya Ashram

This ashram is located further 16 km from town , where Atri muni had ashram and satying wih his wife Anusuiaya ,where lord Rama came to meet  Anusuiya .

one time there was no rain in this area and because of Anusuiya austerities Mandakini river came dawon in this area.

Sphatic Shila

This is rock or mountain where Lord Rama was sitting with his brother Luxumana when Hanuman returned from Lanka after finding out about sita

Gupt Godavari 

Gupt Godavari is located at distance of 18 km from Chitrakoot and it is belive to be the cave where lord Rama and Luxamana stayed there .


It is situated in the valley of Devangana. Sacred caves related to Lord Rama.

Hanuman Dhara

Hanuman Dhara is locate on rock and there are few temples around this area .



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