Ten top things to do in Varanasi

Varanasi  is also a tourism destination for the summer as well. In spite of fact that this is a religious city but also you can enjoy summer trip to this ancient city .

1 Temple offerings and Prayers 

Since this is an oldest religious city and also city of temples and ghat .there are 12 jyotrilinga temple , Nine incarnation of Durga , Vinakaya temple, Bhairva temple .one can choose to perform rudrabhishekam and speciual prayers can be done at the temple as per your interest .you can check our website manglamtravels.com  and  varanasitourspackage.com  for more information and schedule of the temples prayers

2 Boating and Water sports at Ganges Rivers 

Boating at ghat on the Ganges River iin the morning and evening is one of the top things to see and to do list in Varanasi ,however every season it has fixed time  when you could see the activities going on and book accordingly .there fore we have special boat ride tour on the Ganges and you could check out our boat ride tours 


3 Yoga and Meditation

Varanasi or Kashi is centre of Yoga and meditation centre since ancient time .even

4  Walking along the ghat

5 Learning Indian Classical Music

6 Eating street food

7 Silk weaving tour

8 Volunteering with social organisation

9 Learning traditional jewelry making

10 Stone Carving


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