Important Temples of Varanasi: Varanasi Temples Guide

Varanasi is the home of temples and shrines as per Hindu text and these temples were built by different kings of India . As per the Hindu mythology building a temple in Kashi a spiritual name is one of the good duties of being human . since this city does not exit on the planet and city of temples . from early Vedic period there are rich history of Building temples in Varanasi .TemplesĀ  are also associated with hindus monestaries .

In Hinduism a born Hindu must go for pilgrimage journey where he covers most of the important holy sites of Hindus are .in old era it was difficult for every one to travel far and wide .There are tweleve jyotrilinag in India but those pilgrims who can not go over there , There are replica temples of All twelve jyotrilina in Varanasi it self.check out our Varanasi destination page and our website for temple tours


Important temples of VaranasiĀ 

1 Kashi viswanath temple Known as Golden temple

2 Annapurna temple

3 Sankat mochan temple

4 Shri Kashi Vishalakshii temple

5 Durga temple

6 Tulsi manas temple ‘

7 Bharata mata temple

8 Kal Bhairva temple

9 New viswanth temple at Banaras Hindu Unversity , Known as Birala temple

10 Kedareshwar temple

11 Kamkhya devi temple

12 Tilbhandeswar temple

13 Kianram aghori temple and Asharm

14 Mahaguari temple

15 Batuk bhairwa temple

apart from these are many many temples in this ancient city and they have divided in many categories



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