How to spend a day in Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the Important city for day visitors and in one day you can see much things of Varanasi .you can start your day from the morning around 2 am .

1 Mangla arti in Kashi Vishanth temple

: Every day Mangla arti take place at Kashi Vishwanth jyotirlinga temple ,in Varanasi .you need to book the ticket well in advance so that you can get inside the temple complex. you needt to be at the entance at 2 am however actuall arti start at 4 am till 5 am .for more details you can check our Mangala arti sepcal tours package 

2 Sunrise boat tour on the  Ganges

one can take from any ghat in Varanasi for sunrise boat tour but must try to inlcude ride from from Assi ghat to Manikarnuka ghat ,the reason is that you could see most the important ghat of Varanasi cover in this route .for better understaing of sunrise boat tour you could check our website and

3 Visit to Benares Hindu University and Its temple

Banaras Hindu Univeristy is located at the south of City where great social activitst Pandit Madan Mohan Malviay  lay foundation stone of BHU , One of the prestigious university in has very beautiful complex with greenery atmosphere and Bharat Kala museum open the doors to the art of Varanasi and It has many section related with the life of Pandit Madan Mohan Malviaya and then you can visit to new Vishwanath temple also known as Birala temple ,one of larest temple dome in town and best place for students to hang lout and you could have some rely delcious snaks at the corner.

4 Sarnath first place of Budda’s Preaching

Sarnath is located towars the north of city at the distcnace of 11 km from Varanasi and now growing fast throuh all the direction .Buddha came to this place first time after gettimg enlightened from Bodhagaya and taught his first five dieciples under the Bodhi tree near deer park .however deer park is still there you .the main thing that you can see in sarnath is place of preaching , Main Buddha temple , Stupa , ,Museum , Thai temple etc .we have specially designed an half day  Sarnath tours from Varanasi

5 Evening Ganga Arti

If you have time you can watch mesmerizing evening Ganga arti in Varanasi and now a days you clould see arti any of these Ghat like Dasaswmedh ghat , Lalita Ghat , Sanktha Ghat , Kedar ghat , Harishchandra ghat , Tulsi ghat , Assi ghat .if you lke guided evening Ganga arti by boat you can check our websites and

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