How to book Varanasi Dev Diwali boat tour

Varanasi is the city of festivals where almost every day there is some how a festival celebrated .it’s the city of joy and happiness , city of music , city of ghats , city of light , city of music and its way of living is different than any other city in India

Varanasi Dev diwali festival, is one of the biggest event and its visited my more and more number of tourist every year.there  has been growing number of tourist taking part in this event .

What is Dev Diwali 

Dev Diwali is an anual festival which is celebrated every year in Varanasi by lighiting diya on the bank of river Ganges or at thir homes .its the symbol of lighting the light for the God and Godesses and also for the ancestors.Its belive that on this partuclar day one must light earthen lamp where ever they are in the city .some people are responsible for certain ghat where they organise the event .

When is Dev Diwali celebrated ?

Every year on the asumpisoic kartik purnima this festival is celebrated. in the morning one can take a holy dip at river Ganges and in the evening you can take a part in this big event .please be safe as there is huge crowd taking part in this event.better book boat well in advance so that it can be arranged well.


How to Celebrate Dev Diwali in Varanasi 

we recommend you to arrive in this city a day before staring the festival ,as this is an old city and traffic is very bad here so better to be in before than missing the event .In the morning you can take a holy dip in river Ganges for the Karktik purnim and if you are photographer then don’t miss this opportunity to take pictures of human gathering at river for ritual bath .

get ready for the evening boat ride .our boat ride start from Assi ghat so better you reach in assi area around 4 or 4 .30 so that you can not miss the ride .seeing dev diwlai by boat is the best way to see the lighted and decorated ghat of varanasi .our boat ride tour of two to three hours. it start around 5 pm and end around 8 pm and even if you want to see a bit more we can take you . we allow the limited tourist and follow the Government instruction to be safe . so better you book personalized boat.

How to Book Varanasi Dev Diwali boat tour 

you can book this tour from our web portal–tour-package   and  for more details you can call us at +91 945-224-7010


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