Five way to see Varanasi


Varanasi truly has something for everyone, whether you’re a culture hound, a history buff, a diehard shopper or urban adventurer. If it’s your first visit or your tenth, each day is a new adventure in this richly storied city. In this article we have discovered  fresh way to see Varanasi  .here are our suggestion to to access views you probably won’t have seen .Looking  to take an unique photo or experience the culture? Read on ……..

Five Unique Varanasi  View

Find the Secret View of Ganga Arti at  Dasaswamedh ghat 
Arrive at Dasaswamedh ghat where arti take place .there are two places where arti is taking place one is at ancient Dasaswamed ghat and one is before Rajendra Prasad ghat .reach there on time during the winter arti start around 5 :30 pm and during summer around 6 to 6 :45 pm .you could book boat for better view sitting on boat or you can book terrace where you could sit and take a nice picture  of Arti .at down they serve coffee or tea as per your interest .

Have a dinner at Roof top restaurant ghat 

There are so many Hotels and restuant river side in Varanasi such and having dinner at Roof top of these restaurnat could be best view of Varanasi and Ganges .you could check Brijrama Place though very expensive if your budhet allowed other wise you could check Ganpati Guest House, Alka Hotel etc and see the beautiful evening of Varanasi

View the cremation at Night 

In Varanasi cremation ghat or Shamashan ghat is open for 24 hours as this is the city of Moksha and you could see the burning body at day is common  but viewing the burning body at Night is completely different experience and we recommend you to go there late night .where aghori comes to practice the atrocities.taking a picture is not allowed so please be respectful for the culture .

Photograph the Varanasi market  

Varanasi is known for its traditional market from the ancient time where for each things there is seprate market for it such as Milk market , spices market , Dal market , Clothe market, sweet market , flower market etc .visiting these market could be interesting and taking their picture .

Take in the Panoramic ghat Views from boat

Varanasi ghat and heritage is worth seeing by boat as its situated on the shore of river Ganges and shape is like crescent shape that is charming .you could take panoramic view of this beautiful city from boat during sunrise boat tour !!


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