Evening Ganga Arti sitting on Boat in Varanasi

Evening Ganges Arti ceremony on Boat in Varanasi 

Evening Ganges Arti is a Hindu rituals that take place every day on the bank of holy river Ganges in Varanasi .This arti ceremony is scheduled as per the local committee of Varanasi .so before coming must check timing with locals so that you may not miss it .

At evening Ganga arti in Varanasi there are several ghats where arti take place but most ancient with music and traditional one is at Dasswamedh ghat .there are two arti take place there one is organised by Ganag seva nidhi and second one is by Gangotri seva samiti and both start almost at the same time .its full of devotee and gathering of people so better would be to be there on time and sitting on  a boat is the safest and best way to see this arti ceremony in Varanasi .


Why Ganga arti sitting on a boat!

However you can see the Ganga arti sitting from the step as well but from the boat you can get best view and best for the photography.

sitting on step is over crowded and its dificult to have view  and its not safe .usually get pick pocket .

watching arti from boat gives you the unique and front view of all the participant perfoming the rituals and you could understand well.

If you would like to perform your own arti of the Ganges we will range the diya (earthen lamp) and you can offer to mother divine Ganges .

How to Book evening Boat ride ?

we have specially designed evening boat ride tour  and boat tour in Varanasi . cruise booking for more details regarding the cost you can contact us on +91 945-224-7010 or check out our website varanasitourspackage.com and manglamtravels.com 


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