Walking in Varanasi : Routes and Tips

Walking is the best way to explore the heritage city of Varanasi , one of the oldest living city on the planets .Varanasi , Banaras , Kashi, Ananadvan, Mahasmashan there are many names for this city located on the shore of mother holy Ganges facing towards the east where morning sunrise welcome this city and first fall on the river Ganges where it create an amazing experience for walking at ghats .

There almost 84 ghats in Varanasi from south to north and its lengths is around 8 to km and both side has bridge called Malviya bridge and Vishwas sundari bridge , that makes the city unique border.


 Walking routes 

Southern walking : This walking tour  can be start from assi ghat area where river meet the assi and form the confluence and its very interesting there you could walk in to narrow lanes and alongside the river of Ganges .Interesting things to see while walkins are an hospice , interacting with aghoris or holy man at a shrine , visiting at Gurukul kids (traditional vedic school ), akhada is wrestling ground at Tulsi ghat , a historical pond where couple bath for the fertility and then you can walk towards the jain temple area where you can understand about jainism  and your this walk finish at Harishchandra ghat one of the first cremation ground from south towards to north.

Centre or Bengali tola walks This tour start form where you finish your first walks at Harishchandra ghat and you can take walk behind the alley where you could see the south indian style of temple , one hindu holy monetaries(only from out side ), Kedareshwar temple where lord shiva is present with his beloved wife in sleeping posture called ardhnarishwar and  continue to walk in same alleys to see different life and background of the city which form Varanasi a city of confluences  and contradiction . this walk you can experience people living from Bengal, Tamil Nadu , Andhra pradesh , Muslims , Hindus etc and you could see very old temples and architecture .this walks end at Dasaswamedh  ghat or Main ghat

North old part town walks This walking route start from Main ghat and this is walking in old part of city     where you walk through the narrow lanes and see the local market and small shops and then arrive to golden temple area where you could see golden temple and a mosque next to each other and photography is not allowed in this area and foreigners are not allowed to enter the temple but you can see from out side and after the golden temple you can turn towards to the right and walks towards the cremation walking tour   which is one of the busiest cremation ground in Varanasi and then walk to Main ghat where you can end up this walking tour over a cup of Banarasi chai in clay pot .

Chauk Area walks : This is the most old part of Varanasi where tradition is still alive and in this area are the local Varanasi market that you can see and taste local street food ,here are betel lea market , utensils , flower market , spice market and dal mandi that area is very famous for the new technologies stuff cellphone etc .

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