about Varanasi and Its alleyways

you could see the kite flying competition in the sky but you could see alleyways competition only in Kashi .Here in kashi its very challenging to navigate the alley and don’t know which will lead to the main road and which will be closed after few steps. so in this article we are focusing on important alleyways of Varanasi

Among the alleyways of Varanasi , the most famous one is Kachauri Gali

Connecting to the Manikarnika ghat one of the ancient alley is Kachuri Gali . in old ages business man from Rajasthan used to travel this area and they were because of hot weather they were using sof , coriander etc. and thus they started using Kachauri also. Manikarnika ghat is just near place from this alley and there is cremation take place twenty four hours only in Varanasi so people come to this place for the cremating bodies of kith and keen and for them Kachauri and jalebi are available with Garlic and Onion so this way it got the name Kachauri Gali .now a days this area is the market of Sari also .this name of Kachauri Gali is also the folk song called Kajri.

Vishwanath Gali

The lord of Varanasi is Kashi Viswanath is in the same alley .This gali start from Gyanvapi from Chauk area and till Dasaswmedh ghat its continue .This gali is famous for buying stuff related with Hinduism pooja , wodden craft, Handicraft etc .this is one of the main market for people to buy the stuff

about alleyway of Varanasi one prominet author says that structure of alleyways of Kashi is wonderful and these allyes are half in water , half in flower , Half in dead body , half in sleep and half in cell and if you see carefully then you will find they are not full .its very dificult to figou out that Kashi is amon the alleyways or alleyways are in the Kashi

Gudari Gali

there is one interesting story is related with Gali . there was one gambler named Nand Das in Varanasi and he was skilled in gambling .he was having hard time going to friends place for gambling and he decided to repair the alley whatever he win in gambling and lord Shiva accepted his wised and on that particular day he won more money than usually .He used all the money fixing the alley.

Bhutahi Imali Gali

This is located in Maidagin area staring from Malviaye market and last till Bhairo nath Gali .long time ago there was one imli tree where one ghost used to live .people could see the shadow.

Names of Alleyways in Varanasi

Most of the names of Alleys are related with the name of Temples or shrine located in that particular area for Example Viswanth Gali for LORD vISWANATH , Bhaironath Gali , Sanktha Gali etc .since ancinet time Varanasi has been centre of bussines therefor some names are on the base of silk sari work for example Resham Katra , Nariyal Bazar and there has been so many akhara in Varanasi and their names have been on the Akhara etc .

Important Gali of Varanasi

Vishgwanth Gali

Thahteri Gali , Gudari Gali , Hanuman Gali , Shivala Gali , Dhundhiraj gali , Bhaironath Gali , Vindhyavasini Gali , As bhairav Gali , Gopal Mandir Gali , Pashupatsewar Gali , Kameshwar Mahadev Gali , Naichaker Gali , Gardhwasi tola Gali , Katar gali , Naraharpura Gali , manikarnika gali , Bara Ganesh Gali , Lala sur ki gali , Nandan sahu lane, kuch hazi daras, unchva gali , kath gali , hauz gali , bhandari gali , ratan phatak gali , santoshi mata gali , kedar gali , sonsav wali gali , dandpandi gali , Kachauri gali , dalmandi gali , dadu akhra gali , Narityal Bazar , Panchaganga gali , sanktha gali , Govindpura gali , Bhutahi Imali gali , karnghanta gali , pathar gali , etc

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