about Prayagraj magh mela 2020


Prayaraj magh mela 2020 is falling this year in the month of January and ready to host the mela on the shore of triveni sangam at Prayagraj. Prayaraj foremly known as Allahabad situated on the bank of three holy rivers Ganga , Yamuna and Sraswati which is also known as Kumbh city and recently there was ardh Kumbh mela in year 2019.

Magh mela is staring from the 10th of Janjuary which is the first snan of Magh mela is on the day of Paush purnima. Magh mela at Prayaraj take place every year and devotees  around the world come and visit the mela and stay for couple o days and enhance their spritual power. Akhada   society also have their camp and stay for the one month till the shivrtri .


      Main Bathing Dates at Prayagraj Magh Mela            

1 Paush Purnima : January  10th 2020

2 Makarsankaranti : 15th Jan 2020

3 Mauni Amavyasya : 24th Jan 2020

4 Basanat Panchami : 30th Jan 2020

5 Maghi Purnima : 9th February 2020

6 Shivratri :  21st February 2020


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