About Asthi Visarjan in Varanasi

Varanasi is one of the most holy land that is situated on the banks of river Ganga. The Ganga  river   flows through this spiritual city.   It is believe that performing death rituals in Varanasi have more spritual and religious impornce ,this is the reason that more people are travelling to this city for ages and shradha and asthi visrajn karma is permoded at  this holy city .So, if you are looking for the best pandit for pitru rituals in Kashi, then contact Varanasitourspackage.com    and manglamtravels.com which provides the best pandit services in Varanasi.  People visiting varanasi can perfrom certain pitru kriys like Asthi Visarjan , Pind daan ,Anna Sradh ,Purn shradha karm , Tripindi shradh etc .when some one die peolple collect bones and ashes from the cremation and place they immersed in different places in india such as Kashi , Prayag , Haridwar , Gaya, Rameshwaram etc .when you perform this rituals in Kashi Varanasi it is believe that Soul attain moksha . one can perform the Pind daan in Gaya   for  their ancesstors  and also pind daan in Prayaraj  is very impotnat .

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